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Hi, I’m Kate. I help universities and youth outreach teams feel confident when working with children and young people, by improving their child protection and safeguarding skills and knowledge.

The Safeguarding Academy provides a range of training packages, from bespoke sessions through to the online Academy and Training the Trainer programmes.

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Designed specifically for schools and colleges, the Complete Child Protection Resource gives you that helping hand when you need it most. Always have someone to ask, never worry about your role or a referral again.

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There are times when the workplace becomes really stressful and relationships falter. Tensions between managers and staff, foster carers and local authorities and between colleagues.

I understand that in these most difficult of times all you want to do is either walk away, or stand your ground.

But there is a middle way.

Mediation can be the solution you need.

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Sometimes, you need to work directly with someone who understands your struggle and can help you find your direction.

I’ve been in child protection for over 15 years and understand how difficult it can be. Throughout my career I have mentored professionals, just like you, who wanted someone to help them find their path.

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Those working in child protection roles are some of the most stressful. Byron out happens. How many hours a day do you wish you could add to the day? How many times do you wonder if you’ve picked the right profession? How many times do you wonder if there was a better way to help or to have a better work/life balance.

I work with child protection professionals who feel they have lost their way.

My 1 day professional development course, just for women, will give you the space and time you need to reflect on your career and your future.

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