Mediation provides a conflict resolution service that looks to help people resolve issues and disputes whatever they might be. We have fully trained, independent and accredited mediators with a wealth of experience in areas including community, neighbour & workplace dispute. We also help in disputes between local authorities and foster carers, not to mention training and coaching. offers a bespoke, professional and responsive mediation service. helps the parties, in complete confidence, explore ideas and by being good listeners. We never seek to apportion blame, take sides or pass judgement.

FOSTER CARERS helps foster carers & special guardians resolve conflicts with local authorities or parents.


We can help parents and their teenagers, grandparents or other family members resolve issues or conflicts between them and live more happily together.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

COMMUNITY/NEIGHBOUR helps resolve conflicts between neighbours, multi-neighbour, community and landlord and tenant disputes. The more common problems that come to mediation are caused by issues involving: –

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Children
  • Bullying
  • Parking
  • Intimidation
  • Harassment
  • Verbal abuse
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Noise
  • Pets
  • Lifestyle differences
  • Cultural differences

We deal with many other problem areas so please feel free to contact us to discuss any issues you may have.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured process whereby a neutral person helps communication between those in dispute to help them to understand each other better and for them to come up with solutions that are mutually agreed which will improve their relationship in the future.

The neutral person is usually a mediator who, in complete confidence, helps the parties explore ideas. They are a good listener who doesn’t look to apportion blame, take sides or pass judgement.

How mediation works

If you decide to give mediation a try, the mediator will arrange to see you for an initial meeting. This is your chance to talk through the issues, in complete confidence, and let the mediator know your feelings on these issues. The mediator will also meet the other party for the same reasons.

After this initial meeting the mediator will discuss the best way forward with you. This might involve further individual meetings or arranging a joint meeting with the other party at a neutral nearby venue. At a joint meeting the mediator will agree the ground rules of the meeting with you & the other party and make sure each of you has a chance to speak without interruption.

The Benefits

The main benefits of mediation are: –

  • It is confidential & fair to both sides.
  • No-one is blamed.
  • It helps identify key underlying issues.
  • Parties learn conflict resolution skills.
  • It is quick & effective for the parties.

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