Learn to fail: Your success depends on it

July 18, 2014 11:07 am

Last week I attended the AMOSSHE conference. Bethany Woodward had been invited to give the keynote speech for the day. Her talk was eloquent and engaging. Most of all, it was inspiring. Her passion shone through her speech. Using the olympic key words she took the audience through her story and suggested ways we could change attitudes towards disability.

Perhaps she was at her most inspiring when she spoke about resilience. Particularly, how she learned to be resilient and how important it is to keep building our own resilience.

The key to developing your resilience is failing. This may seem paradoxical, however, if you never feel the pain of rejection or failure how could you ever develop the ability to deal with it.

Bethany talked of the need to keep pushing through the rejection or failure; to keep developing skills and keep believing in your goals and dreams. This is an important skill and one which requires practice. Resilience is essential in business & practice.

We will all feel the pain at some point in our professional lives. You may have a hard time from a Judge/Chairperson/Manager giving evidence or make a presentation & not get the outcome you wanted. Don’t shy away from the task on the next occasion. Think about what happened, how you can approach the task again & where you can improve it. In short go for it and build your resilience!