The government is planning to launch its consultation on extending the crime of ‘wilful neglect’ to children’s social workers later this year

August 31, 2015 8:37 pm

Earlier this year the Government set out it’s proposals to extend the crime of ‘wilful neglect’ to social workers.

The controversial plans have sent shock waves through the profession. If found guilty, social workers could face up to 5 years imprisonment.

“The consultation will seek views on sanctions for failure to take action on child abuse or neglect where it is a professional responsibility to do so,” the government said.

“‘Wilful neglect’ would impose criminal sanctions for those who are found guilty of deliberate, wilful or reckless neglect or mistreatment of children. It would cover inaction, concealment and/or deliberate cover ups and would ensure that those responsible for the very worst failures in care can be held accountable,” the response said.

A final decision will now be made in September 2016.