Complete Child Protection Resource

Ever get child protection issues which flummox you? 

Do you know how to deal with every child protections situation? 

Feel like having someone to talk an issue through would take the burden off? 


I know that feeling. Sometimes you just need to talk a situation through with another person. Your colleagues mean well but they aren’t the ones with the burden of responsibility.

With over 15 years of child protection experience I’ve seen most things. In my legal career I’ve given advice to schools on a vast range of child protection issues, from parental responsibility to writing statements for court. There’s not a lot I haven’t done.

That’s why I’m here to help.

The Complete Child Protection Resource is your new best friend.

By joining the Resource you’ll get:

  • 3 hours support each month.
  • Full access to my online Safeguarding Academy to meet your KCSIE 2016 requirements
  • A full day’s child protection training to be used by the school during the school year

Let’s have closer look:

3 hours support

I understand that when an issue arises, you need someone to talk to as soon as possible. Sometimes, just a phone call is all that is needed. Your 3 hours support can be used anyway you need, from a phone call to a meeting* about your policies and procedures.

It can be used by you to help with child protection referral queries, assistance with writing reports or guidance on your role in the child protection referral process.

Your 3 hours starts again every month.

Online Academy

The Online Safeguarding Academy is a new, innovative service. Access to this resources gives you training and guidance at your fingertips. There’s a growing community of like-minded professionals who belong to the online Academy. Inside the Academy is a developing selection of online courses and training videos, all of which will be available for you to use as a member of the online Academy.

Inset Day training

You can use your training day to update your team on any** key issues. The courses cover a range of topics from Writing Reports to PREVENT.

With our team of trainers we can cover your geographical area.

You can access all this support for an annual fee of £2,500.

Use my expertise to take the stress and worry out of your role.

Don’t wait until September then scrabble around for safeguarding training, muddle through and hope nothing too challenging comes up. Secure your support package with me now and you can enter the Summer knowing your safeguarding support needs and training for the 17/18 year are covered.

Purchase your package by the end of May 2017 and you’ll receive instant support. No need to wait until September 2017 to ask questions or access the Academy. That’s 3 months free support available.

To access this Complete Child Protection Resource, contact me, Kate: 

By phone: 01482 426412 or 07502907157 or

By email: