Child benefit cuts pressuring families

May 31, 2015 2:47 pm

A new report has examined the impact of child benefit cuts on families in the UK.


Summary of key points

  •   4.1 million families and 7.7 million children have been affected by below inflation rises of Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit over the past three years.
  •   One in five families – the equivalent of one and a half million across the UK, with two and a half million children – said that they had cut back on food, and a similar proportion had cut back on heating their home as a result of benefits being increased below inflation.
  •   Nearly two-thirds of those families affected are low income working families that are living in poverty as a result of low pay. Only one in five families affected by these cuts has household earnings over £20,000 a year.
  •   A typical low-income working family will lose £513 this year alone as a result of the Government’s decision to increase benefits and tax credits below inflation.
  •   Only one in ten parents in the UK thinks that Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit should continue to be increased below inflation.
  •   Increasing children’s benefits and tax credits in line with the same “triple lock” guarantee as for pensions would lead to an estimated 280,000 fewer children living in relative income poverty and 310,000 fewer in absolute poverty by 2020, than under the Government’s current policy,

Read the full report on child benefit cuts by following the link below: